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Seeking a US-based manufacturing partner?

Need help scaling production and reducing lead times?


At GP Labs, we have you covered. Our award-winning team specializes in crafting premium products tailored to your brand's unique needs. Leverage our technical expertise and customer-centric approach to develop innovative offerings your customers will love.

Whether you require custom formulation or need to optimize an existing product, GP Lab provides solutions to fit your brand. Our state-of-the-art facilities and nimble processes empower you to bring distinctive products to market faster.

Partner with the leaders in premium product manufacturing to accelerate growth and make your mark.


Our manufacturing and marketing expertise has set the standard in the product manufacturing industry since 1985. As a premier partner, we ensure seamless and timely delivery of your product from conception to the shelves.


​Whether you need to adapt an existing product or craft an innovative new offering, GP Lab goes beyond the formula to deliver solutions tailored to your brand. Our nimble processes and customer-centric approach empower you to resonate with your audience in new ways.

Discover GP Labs: Your Partner in Premium Product Manufacturing in US. Award-winning team develops product solutions with technical expertise that is customer-centric focus. Elevate your brand with innovative products your customers will love.

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Heading 1

Founded by high-growth marketers Camila Kosco and Natasha Nicole, GP Labs pioneered data-driven influencer marketing by building and selling a SaaS software in 2016. Pivoting to D2C brand and product development, GP Labs leverages its unique expertise to rapidly deliver high-quality, made in the USA products. By crafting memorable brands and products customers love, they help partners drive high customer lifetime value and average order value.

Driven by relentless innovation and uncompromising quality, GP Labs pursues cutting-edge developments to elevate their unparalleled manufacturing capabilities. Join this trailblazing team as they continue shaping industries and turning dreams into successful brands built to stand the test of time.

The Visionaries Behind Our Company

Natasha Nicole
Natasha Nicole from GP Labs

Chief Executive Officer,


Camila Kosco
Camila Kosco from GP Labs

Chief Operating Officer,



Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients Say

GP Labs helped me create a sustainable brand with high-quality products I could be proud of to sell on Amazon. They helped me create top-selling formulas!

Arlington, Virginia

I didn't even know where to start when my previous manufacturer didn't want to provide me my formula. Working with the ladies at GP Labs was exceptional, they reverse engineered my formula & made it better! Now I proudly own it, and my brand just got acquired!

Chicago, Illinois

As a startup, we needed a reliable manufacturing partner to turn our vision into reality. GP Labs has exceeded expectations with their technical knowledge, communication, and passion for quality.

Austin, Texas

GP Labs is dedicated to advancing manufacturing excellence and innovation. We provide precision-driven manufacturing facility services that exceed industry standards.

Our commitment to quality, cutting-edge technology, and sustainability empowers businesses across industries. We collaborate closely with clients, anticipating their evolving needs, and delivering tailored solutions for streamlined efficiency and reduced costs.

Our mission is to drive progress and leave a lasting, positive impact on the clients we serve.

Empowering Innovation Through Precision Manufacturing Excellence


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